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Continuing Education for QME Psychologists

TeachCE, Inc. is CPA Accredited by the Office of Professional Development
(OPD# LIV270) for psychological continuing education.

BBS – California Board of Behavioral Sciences
The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts continuing education credit granted by the California Psychological Association or by any of its Approved Providers.


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The psychologists’ role in the CA Work comp arena has changed over the years. Now, because of the MTUS and Chronic Pain guidelines, the role of psychological treatment in the context of work related injuries is widely accepted.

To treat injured workers’, a psychologist should know the CA Work Comp laws. TeachCE publications not only enhance the psychologist’s knowledge of CA WC by providing articles relevant specifically to the psychologist, but also by providing education about the system as a whole.

The articles can be used toward CPA continuing education credits as well as CA QME CA credits.

Continuing Education for Relicensure for Psychologists

Psychology CE Requirements
Effective January 1 2016, All licensees issued a license on or after January 1, 2016 will be given an expiration date two years from the date it was issued and required to complete 36 approved CE hours.

Which courses count toward the continuing education requirement for license renewal?
• Those courses which are from CE Provider organizations that are:
• Approved by the California Psychological Association (CPA OPD) _ TeachCE/Livingstone-Lopez Consulting is a CPA OPD certified Provider (LIV270)


Treating Psychologists With Interest in Work Comp


For those psychologists with active treating practices that include injured workers we are proud to offer articles and resources for continuing psych education (CPA OPD #LIV270).

You can get your psych CE through reading our articles about the CA work comp system, report writing requirements, and access to our experts in the field.

Because we are approved by the California Psychological Association as an OPD certified educational provider for continuing education in Psychology, whenever you require continuing education hours for your psych relicensure, OR your QME certification renewal, you can turn to us for both.

The hours you purchase have not gone up in price, yet you can “double dip” by using the certificate for psych relicensure and/or QME renewal.

For any questions, call Dana Livingstone-Lopez, otherwise, order our articles on line, knowing all of our courses are CPA approved for your psych continuing education.


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